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So far you’ve seen a lot of my session posts, but I wanted to give a little more insight into my life and the places I’ve been. I am more of a storyteller through pictures, but here it goes anyway!
This past Christmas, Robert and I went to Oregon. It was such an amazing and sweet little vacation I definitely did not expect. I was home sitting on our oversized, grey couch and Robert came in and said he had a surprise for me. Of course, I’m thinking it was a dinner date to get buffalo wings or Whataburger, my two favorites. He brought me his computer with a list on it. At first I was a little confused, but my heart melted as I read a list of locations with a title of “Pick One.” Marfa, TX New Mexico Colorado New York Portland, OR Chicago Pacific Coast Highway Harry Potter World
Now look, I know you’re thinking, “how could you pass up Harry Potter World?” but we’ve both been thinking of Portland and the Pacific coast for a while so it was time.Robert and I decided to visit family and friends befor…


Y’all I am so excited to share with you some of the photos from my cousin’s wedding! She’s beautiful, quirky and an amazing mother to two (and now 3) beautiful children. Stephanie and Robert decided to have an intimate courthouse wedding in Austin, Texas and it was such a sweet ceremony! The officiant was thoughtful and you could tell he enjoyed being a part of their big day. Ripley, River and Stevie loved the service too, not only did they became one family, but they got to play in the judge’s chair too. Congratulations to the new Mr. and Mrs. Epps! Love you both so much and I can't wait for the second part to this wedding - a Dallas reception! 
P.S. Robert and Ripley matched shoes by accident - how cute!!