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“I pointed to him before I even knew him and said, "I want to marry a nice lookin' guy just like that." And then 11 years later I did just that.” – Katie Starkey
Katie and Logen have had one heck of a journey. They first met in the hallways of high school and were unquestionably going to be high school sweethearts. They started dating without really even having a first date and were inseparable no matter what life through at them. They made it through four years of college, multiple job changes, starting a business and an unfortunate family death, yet their love for one another never waivered. Katie and Logen love spending their time at home watching Stranger Things or documentaries, while drinking coffee and cuddling up with their pup, Suzie, and cats, Shadow and Patches. Logen’s sweet and simple proposal in their home under the Christmas tree melted Katie’s heart. It only made sense to have an in-home wedding as well. It was the perfect fit for their laid-back personali…