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This is not the first time you’re seeing Stephanie and Robert! They had two ceremonies (for two times the love)! They had one JP wedding in Austin, TX and then this one in Mesquite. It was so sweet how they came together a second time for all of those who couldn’t make it to the ceremony in Austin. The Westlake House was a perfect setting for this small and intimate wedding and the gazebo in the back was simply sweet and shaded! Also, did I mention that Stephanie is the DIY Queen?! She put together all of the bouquets, boutonni√®res and even added her own bits of dazzle! She added aqua ruffles to her shoes and to their daughter’s shoes too! The creativity was fabulous! Also, formal photo time is great. People become so relaxed and sometimes silly after standing still for so long during a ceremony! And hey, when I get a large group photo with everyone's eyes open I have to share it!