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Y’all, this is so serious – I attended a dog party! I photographed a dog party. Like a Go, Dog. Go! dog party! And, I got to bring my little girl, Ginger. There was dog cake, dog treats, dog toy party favors. It was doggy heaven! I am pretty sure that more dogs and people attended this party than any of my own human birthday parties. Emmy is a cutie and her owner is fab (also, one of my favorite humans). This pooch received the sweetest birthday present too - a hand drawn picture of herself with blue glasses, pink hair and fuzzy stickers to illustrate the fur (please zoom in). Everything about this night was spectacular, even the sunset and phenomenal colors! Happy 1st birthday to Emerson, the sassiest pup ever!

Hope y’all get a kick out of this!


Serious squealing over here… my heart is just so filled with joy looking at these smiling faces! I am so pleased with how these Easter mini’s came out! I was SO worried about the rain (50% chance all day according every weather app) and yet, it worked out so beautifully!
A dear family friend, Toni, let me borrow some of her beautiful free-range chickies! She has about 400 of happy and healthy free-range chickens that lay eggs she sells at local farmer’s market. When I told her about my Easter idea she immediately told me about her sweet neighbor with two little girls who show bunnies! Being able to get these two species together was incredible and I think it made for some sweet family photos!



Alice in Wonderland (the Walt Disney's Little Golden Books version) was definitely one of the more loved stories I read growing up. I remember being completely awed by actual “butter” flies and Rocking Horse Flies and doodling them all over my spirals that I would share notes in with friends. I loved how thirsty Alice was for knowledge (literally, "Drink Me") and how silly the queen was with her flamingo croquet. As you can imagine, I didn't say no when I was prompted with the idea of doing a subtle Alice in Wonderland themed fashion shoot! The clothes and styling were provided by fashionista Anna Cao and her newly started vintage clothing line. This was not my typical session and getting to work with models was awesome! A majority of the clients I’ve worked with have been mostly new moms, kids, young and in love couples, or even furry four legged friends. But seriously, you wouldn’t be able to tell from the photos obviously, but I was completely bundled in multiple …