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Halloween is a time where there's talk of spiders, pumpkins and ghosts, but for this little girl, it is all about dreams, wishes and Cinderella! How sweet is this session with Lily and her princess outfit?! She was so serious about not losing her shoe and that we all just melted! Also, when I asked her daddy to jump in, you know her momma was nearly in tears! 

My heart! 


Y'all, I am so thrilled to be sharing these photos from Kristin and Jon's family session. Seriously, we have smiles on both of these kiddos - AT THE SAME TIME! FYI, it's pretty much a miracle to capture on camera, especially since both are under four years old. Around the same time last year, we did another family session and it was... exciting! Due to excessive fun, they could hardly keep still! This year, we were able to bribe the kids with candy and snap a few quick ones while they were distracted. I love these kids. It's been amazing to see them grow and their personality shine through. I wanted to add a few funny ones in this post because I think it's important for people to see the silly sibling moments during a session too. I think these are my favorite though!